Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Rest Of The Alien Films

Right so having watched Alien 3 and 4, I thought I may as well keep this blog up to date.  I am not a skilled writer or critic but bare with me.  I really enjoyed Alien 3, it had the right amount of suspense and dark humor to keep me interested.  I found the exploding dog especially funny although I could not honestly give you a reason why.  The last hour of the film seemed heavily influenced by The Terminator, which although not a bad thing was very obvious comparison to make and kept me from immersion into the film.  Definitely my favorite of the series though.

Alien Resurrection, however, is far from a good film.  The plot is coherent if a little contrived but failed to immerse me what so ever.  It's hard to relate to a character that is part Alien and also a clone and thus has superhuman strength and immunity from the aliens.  They shouldn't have changed direction from horror into action in my opinion, but whatever, was watchable, just not good.  Series ended in a whisper rather than a bang.

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