Sunday, 5 September 2010

Alien Films

With all this dull free time in the evening, me and my girlfriend have been working our way through various films we always said we'd get round to watching.  We have so far watched a few good films and some really bad ones but the thing that really go to me is how hard it is to watch a set of films in one go, such as the Star Wars set, the Die Hard set or indeed the Alien set.  We have, at time of writing only seen Alien and Aliens and have yet to see Alien (cubed?) and Alien Resurrection.  The thing was that I really wanted to watch them all in one go of a free evening but found it impossible to watch the second after watching the first.

Personally I really didn't enjoy the first Alien film as much as the second, though this would probably be because I was lifting weights through the film and not really paying attention in general.  The second film significantly improved upon it's predecessor until Sigourney Weaver decided to go back and save the child when they had a clear chance of survival, that didn't involve diving into the Alien hive.  This was one of those, turn of the T.V. moments for me, I couldn't watch the film anymore or take it seriously.  As I have already said, need to watch the 3rd and 4th films, but they don't look up to much, shame I am a completionist.


  1. the old films seem so fake -_- even the un-animated (real) alien dummies look fake lol.

    They are still really worth watching again though

  2. well, It was made in 1979, what do you expect?

    I like the first two movies. The atmosphere is awesome. Alien 3 is presumably the darkest of the series and the fourth one is kinda dumb.