Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Describing Alien 3, as I watch it

Right intro, 20th century Fox, intro Sigawny Weaver.
Film opens with shots of the ship and what looked like a guy witha  facehugger thing on his face
shiot of girl sleeping in pod
Acid.... and a smoke alarm, o...k... Stasis is interupted apparently.
I think we have finished the intro credits now, woah explosion and fire juxtaposed with eerey music
The pod just fell I think, god I really can't be arsed to read these credits
something sinister is happening in the ship and something was ejected.
Fiorina 161, is that the planet or the thing that was ejected... oh it's the planet.
Why are we at a prison now, I wish there would be an explaination for all this
Guy with flare examining that ejected thing, escape pod maybe
There are dogs on this new planet.  Jesus that was a very smashed up corpse.
Right we're in a hospital style room, showing who was dead  while trying to identify and save Sigawny
Pretty industrial skyline. Oh look a facehugger survived the fall as well
There is now a guy explain the situation to his 'men', they are all celibate.
They don't like the woman being in the prison and there is a rescue team coming in a week.
Are they all prisoners or staff...
Sigawny wakes up and stops guy injecting her with some clear liquid
The falling thing was an EEV...
She finds out all the others didn't survive, almost nude shot of her.  None of the crew have seen a woman in years. Prison has 5000 but 25 staff.  It's some kind of mine or oil refinery.
Oh of course the child has the nicest death.  Wait a second acid, did the girl get facehuggered.
Something mutilated the dog and now we are at the morgue to look at a dead child... yey.
Half naked dead girl clearly the reason this is an 18.
Well said generic male character surgeon"O...k..." confused as me.
She claimed she was looking for cholera...
I'm sure corpses don't bleed that much when autopsied.
That's a pretty graphic scene, and surprise surprise no alien in the chest, despite the evidence of the acid.
Right the boss is establishing his authority, yet Mr Clemens has won the right to cremate the bodies, just in case of aliens...  I think about 10 - 15 min before the alien is actually seen.
Wait a min, can the facehugger go into dogs, oh that is a bit of a twist...
Dog is dying whilst they cremate, are we gonna see the dog explode.
Fucking huge furnace, woah exploding dog in HD 7.2 surround sound.
I'm sure that alien is different / bigger that in the first 2 films.
Shower scene with limited nudity sadly, she has had her head shaved since the last scene.
Getting food with the others, they all stare at her, she says thanks for what the black man said at the funeral.
I'm not sure how this prison really works, there aren't any guards, maybe the planet is the prison.
Quick speech about faith and women in prison from the black man.
Wasn't really listening and missed Mr Clemens explanation of the prison but jesus she is stupid, if she just told him about the alien they would stand a better chance.
Bugger, though he trod in dead dog, but no just alien skin, ah well.
Woah, discovers alien but get's acid spit in his face, swear they didn't spit acid btw, but then he falls down a strech of pipe i thought was flat and gets chopped up by fan.
Wait, did she just sleep with the surgeon...o...k... that was quick, wake up to fuck in under 24 hours.
Discovered the guy who fell in the fan, Sigawny is worried.
This film is def more graphic that the last few films, oh a sudden rush of air made him fall up hill
Suspicious acid burns... that should have been deeper based on how strong the acid was in the first and second films
Love how big computers are in these films, also how the music always gets louder to an anticlimax.
Stupid bitch tell him about aliens....
Why does she need to read the flight recorder.
Urgh more power struggling between a big dick and a dick that sounds like Hannibal.
Apparently Sigawny needs to be looked after according to a high level transmission, she is outside hunting for the pieces of the robot droid person that was damaged in the crash
ha knew it
rape time
ah well, black man to the rescue, seriously though even though he had a weapon there were five of them...
more ominous candle movements in some sort of underground area.
More ominous noise
candles blown out
dripping water
turns round and gets slowly eaten by the alien
not the usual quick death though, def looked like a different alien, also the alien made more of a mess of the body than before woah alien on the ceiling, didn't expect that *sarcasm*
hahaha, high tech repairs involve jabbing needles into the robots brain and making sparks
She is trying to find out why she was ejected
Euthanasia for robots, is that even possible.
Man has gone mad from... seeing the alien...


  1. More so that The first two, and loads ore than Resurrection, prob my favorite of the series.